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School Supply Lists
Posted 8/2/20

Parents and Guardians,


You do NOT need to purchase basic school supplies. We have already purchased, and will be distributing, basic school supplies to all students this year during our device distribution dates. Unless there is something special your child desires to have for at home learning, everything needed will be provided by the school.


When we are able to move from red (100% online) to yellow (and implement the APS hybrid learning schedule), your child will need to bring the following items to school:


1 padded backpack to transport the iPad or Chromebook and large enough to hold all school books and materials that will be expected to go back and forth from home to school and back home again.


a large water bottle


1 pencil box/bag large enough to hold their basic school      supplies in their backpack.


Lunch box (if your child does not want the cafeteria meal)


1 personal size bottle of hand sanitizer (to keep in their backpack/assigned desk)


2 rolls of paper towels (individual sheets will be distributed to students by the teacher as needed)


4 personal sized boxes of tissue - once opened the tissue box will remain at the student's assigned desk and is for only their use.


No other items (toys, sports equipment etc) from home will be permitted. Updates to this supply list will be sent home once face to face learning is scheduled to take place.


We will provide every student with an ADO logo mask to wear to school. If masks continue to be mandatory when we move to face to face learning, we will have extra masks available in every classroom if a need should arise to replace a student's mask during the school day.  If families choose to send an extra mask with their child, please only send a solid color mask, or the standard blue/white paper mask, in a zip lock plastic bag. 


Please do not send your child to school in specially designed masks. It is best if the students use their ADO mask.  If it is unavailable, we recommend solid-color masks made in our school colors (black, turquoise, gray, or white) or in the student's specific grade level color (K-red,1-yellow, 2-orange, 3-green, 4-blue, 5-purple) for school. Masks with any designs, sayings, or special logos and features are for use at home or other non-school occasions.


We are looking into the possibility of also providing face shields for our students.  More information about this option will be shared when face to face learning is scheduled to occur.


School Wish List:  These items would be used as needed for any ADO classroom. If families are able to help out by providing any of the items listed below, there will be a drop box by the front entry door for non-contact drop-off.


Gallon size (or larger) ziplock bags for storing individual student materials

Containers of disinfectant wipes

Boxes of tissue (personal size are best)

Large bottles of hand sanitizer    


Please contact the school office at 505-821-9393 if you have questions about the supplies needed for the 2020-21 school year.