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First Grade
Contact Tiffany Hogrefe  Tiffany Hogrefe Teacher
Contact Cindy Kennedy  Cindy Kennedy Teacher
Contact Shawntianna Martinez  Shawntianna Martinez Educational Assistant
Contact Mikyung Shin  Mikyung Shin Teacher
Fourth Grade
Contact Stephanie Regalado  Stephanie Regalado Teacher
Contact Kimberly Sant  Kimberly Sant Teacher
Special Education Staff
Contact Natacha Bonano Rivera  Natacha Bonano Rivera Educational Assistant
Contact Amy Coen  Amy Coen Educational Assistant
Contact Jennifer Dean  Jennifer Dean Educational Assistant
Contact Michelle Erdman  Michelle Erdman Special Education Teacher
Contact Barbara Good  Barbara Good Educational Assistant
Contact Emily Johnston  Emily Johnston Educational Assistant
Contact Julie Maranan  Julie Maranan Special Education Teacher
Contact Susan Markward  Susan Markward (505) 821-9393 Special Education Teacher
Contact Stephen Miller  Stephen Miller Special Education Teacher
Contact Dianna Ottmann  Dianna Ottmann Educational Assistant
Contact Maria Ramirez Garcia  Maria Ramirez Garcia Educational Assistant
Contact Sue Strickland  Sue Strickland Educational Assistant
Contact Jennifer Wimberly  Jennifer Wimberly Teacher of the Gifted & Head Special Education Teacher
Contact Marisa Ybanez  Marisa Ybanez Educational Assistant
Contact Adrienne Lopez  Adrienne Lopez Secretary
Contact Francesca Tapia  Francesca Tapia Clerk/Receptionist
Health & Wellness
Contact Wendy Berman  Wendy Berman Health Assistant
Contact Michael Dean  Michael Dean Re-Director
Contact Valerie Kerr  Valerie Kerr (505) 821-9393 ex: 44153 Nurse
Contact Adelita Otero  Adelita Otero School Counselor
Support Staff
Contact Melissa Busse  Melissa Busse Art Teacher
Contact Kimberly Femling  Kimberly Femling Librarian/Multi-Media Teacher
Contact Gilbert Griego  Gilbert Griego Physical Education Teacher
Contact Eric Helewicz  Eric Helewicz Technology Resource Teacher
Contact Donna Wollmann  Donna Wollmann Reading and Math Interventionist
Maintenance Staff
Contact Anthony Saiz  Anthony Saiz Head Custodian
Contact Jose Talamante  Jose Talamante Night Custodian
Contact Elias Villalobos  Elias Villalobos Night Custodian