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Principal Page - September

Dear ADO Families,

We made it through August and things are starting to settle.  Thank you so much for the patience, flexibility, and kindness you’ve all shown as we struggled to kick the year off without a clerk.  This community continues to impress me with its positive, supportive attitude! 

We have some exciting activities and events planned for this month, so please be sure you are connected through: Remind (text alerts), Facebook, School Messenger calls (do we have your correct phone number?), backpack mail, newsletters, and our marquee out front. 

This school year, we are focusing on the work of Dr. Carol Dweck, Researcher and Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.  Dr. Dweck has spent her professional career exploring the difference between what is called a “fixed mindset” and a “growth mindset”.  People with fixed mindsets believe that talent is something you either have or you don’t – it’s fixed and can’t be changed.  People with growth mindsets, however, understand that our intelligence and skills can be developed and improved with practice.

Have you ever thought that you are not good at math?  Sports? Public speaking?  Dr. Dweck would say this is an example of a fixed mindset.  We encounter many students who feel this way about themselves.  This year at Arroyo del Oso, we are helping students shift away from their fixed mindsets into growth mindsets with the Power of Yet!  How does it work?  See if you can hear the subtle but powerful difference in the way these 2 students describe their math abilities:

Student: I’m not good at fractions. (Fixed)

Student: I’m not good at fractions yet. (Growth)

Students are already hearing about the Power of Yet from their teachers and we will be holding assemblies soon to reinforce the idea.  You may see signs around our campus and information coming home in backpack mail.  We ask that you help us reframe the way we talk to students about their learning so that they realize that learning is a process that can sometimes be frustrating, but is always worth it.

If you want to check out a terrific TED Talk by Carol Dweck, herself, here’s a link: https://www.ted.com/talks/carol_dweck_the_power_of_believing_that_you_can_improve?language=en

Thank you!

Holly Hargrove

Principal Page - August

ADO Community,


I want you to know how honored I am to have been selected as the new principal of Arroyo del Oso Elementary and I am looking forward to working with each of you as we move into the new school year.   This school is an absolute gem thanks to caring and dedicated families, community, and staff. 

I know that selecting a principal, especially under these circumstances, was not an easy task.  You have invited me into your family and I take that responsibility very seriously.  My door is always open and I welcome hearing from you.  

I come to Arroyo from Governor Bent Elementary School and before that Zia Elementary School where I served as their assistant principals.  Prior to that, I worked as a teacher at Eisenhower Middle School, where I taught language arts, reading intervention, social studies, and gifted English for 10 years.  I also taught humanities at Roosevelt Middle School.

I grew up in Louisiana and started my own education at Boston University before traveling to New Mexico in 1997.  My bachelor’s degree is in elementary education and I hold a level III teaching license for K-8.  My master’s degree is in secondary education and I have completed my Education Specialist (Ed. S) certification through UNM.  I am also the lucky mother to a third grader (Frank) and a first grader (Pepper).  Now I am thrilled to join the ADO family as your administrator so that I can continue to support the magnificent teaching and learning that is taking place here.

To steal some wise words from coach Phil Jackson, “The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.”   I am proud to be joining this vibrant and committed team of educators, students, families, and community members and I invite you to let me know how I can be of service to you and your children this year.  We all know that communication is the key to a successful partnership between home and school, so I hope you will not hesitate to reach out to me if I can assist you or your family in any way.



Holly Hargrove



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Picture Day: Sept 16.

Picture Day: September 16.

Fall Fundraiser!

Fall Fundraiser!

Fall Fundraiser

Please check your child's backpack for the Fall Fundraising packet.  Orders and payments are due by 9/28.  These funds are critically important to our school so we appreciate your help!


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